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Prove your GDPR compliance. Sign and manage Data Processing Agreements. Become trustworthy. Simply.

Article 28 of the GDPR requires every business to cooperate with only GDPR compliant companies that provide software and/or services under signed Data Processing Agreements.
We make it simple and let you build trust with your customers!

Your potential and existing clients will assess you. Make it simple.

Privacy and transparency by design and by default is a must and your clients will perform precise due diligence before choosing your product. Make their research simpler.

Build your transparency and trust.

Building trust is the last advancement required for your prospects to become your customers. Just send them your WeControl profile link to show your GDPR compliance readiness.

Signing a DPA shouldn’t be a headache.

WeControl helps you make a Data Processing Agreement signing, management, and storage as simple as possible. All in the same dashboard.

Everything in one place.

Your software GDPR compliance proof-of-fact, all data privacy information necessary for your customers, DPA signing, management and storage - everything in one place!

Be among the trusted

Compare your software to other business software and services and find out your GDPR compliance rating. Accelerate your sales and boost your conversions with proved GDPR compliance, your loyal customers reviews, and improved agreement signing workflow. Let WeControl speak for your trust and we will help you increase revenue!

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